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Phisherfolk, your attention please?

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U.S. Federal Trade Commission

Just in case the person or persons responsible for all the phishingemails that are coming through the email account associated with this blog are actually reading me, I’d like to alert you to the fact that I’ve send every one of your emails, suspicious attachments, headers, and all to the companies you’re pretending to be affiliated with.

I admit you’re a step up from Madame Bongwire Johannson whose late husband left me $50,000,000, but only a step. The one purportedly from NACHA sent from an address written in Cyrillic… kinda stupid.  Then there was the KeyBanc one from “Cedric Keller,” and today’s ADP payroll email.  Those are the three most recent, the ones I’ve actually kept track of.

Pay attention now:  I DON’T OPEN ATTACHMENTS UNLESS I ALREADY KNOW WHATS IN THEM.  My friends should be aware of this too.  Send me a “Wow this is SOOOOO weird” attachment and I’ll nod and say thanks but I won’t be looking at it.

Look, I have NO MONEY.  None.  You probably have stolen more than I’ve got.  So you really need to go away now.

Franšais : Logo de l'association

Français : Logo de l’association (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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